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Royal Mint Documents Relating to Jersey Coins

These records are from the Public Records Office and have been scanned for the information concerning Jersey coinage.

Reference Title Comment Date
MINT 9/78Silver. Accounts include:- Bank of England; Bank of Ireland; Commissariat; Dollar silver; Maundy moneys; Melter; Moneyers; Silver of Hanover standard; Tokens for Demerara and Essequibo; Tokens for States of Jersey; Waterloo medals. The 1813 token1803 Feb.-1816 July
MINT 1/39 Vol.39. Entries include:- Minutes and memoranda of the Master, 1843 May-1845 Aug.; Orders of the Privy Council, 1844 Jan. and 1845 Apr.; Representations, reports etc. submitted to the Treasury, 1843 Apr.-1845 Dec.; Treasury authorities and directions, 1843 Apr.-1845 Dec. 1843 Apr.-1845 Dec.) The 1844 Issue
MINT 12/1Letters and papers concerning the execution of copper coinages for the States of Jersey. The 1851 Issue 1851 Sept.-1852 Mar.; 1857 Dec.
The 1858 Issue
The 1861 Issue
The 1866 Issue
Mint 12/4 Correspondence concerning the recoinage of Jersey bronze farthings into Jersey bronze pence. Using the 1877 Farthing for Re-coinage of the 1881 Penny 1881 Feb.-July
MINT 20/827 Jersey: issue and withdrawal of coinage The 1923 Issue 1923-1926
MINT 20/1036BJersey The 1926 Issue 1926
MINT 12/5 Jersey coinage costs 1926 Pence 1926 Feb.-1937 Nov.
1931 Pence
1933 Pence
1935 Pence
1937 Pence
1926 Half Pence
1931 Half Pence
1933 Half Pence
1935 Half Pence
1937 Half Pence

These were scanned and provided by the Public Records Office.

Reference Title Date
MINT-25-FJ-Z RMAC Special Meeting 5 July 1976 1976 July 05
MINT-33-PG-Z Jersey: coinage finance 1972-1976
MINT-33-PH-Z Jersey: purchase and withdrawal of old coin1972-1976
MINT-33-PJ-Z Jersey: Silver Jubilee commemorative1972-1976
MINT-34-T2-Z Jersey: royal wedding 1977-1981
MINT-34-T3-Z Jersey: coinage orders1977-1981
MINT-34-T4-Z Jersey: Silver Jubilee commemorative1977-1981
MINT-34-T5-Z Jersey: proof coin sets, base metal1977-1981
MINT-34-T6-Z Jersey: one pound coin1977-1981
MINT-34-TX-Z Jersey: coinage policy 1977-1981
MINT-35-CR2-Z Jersey: base metal uncirculated sets; 1987 1982-1986
MINT-35-CRH-Z Jersey: coinage policy1982-1986
MINT-35-CRJ-Z Jersey: base metal proof sets; 1980 1982-1986
MINT-35-CRK-Z Jersey: £1 coin; and 1981 sets1982-1986
MINT-35-CRL-Z Jersey: royal wedding1982-1986
MINT-35-CRM-Z Jersey: coinage orders1982-1986
MINT-35-CRN-Z Jersey: coinage orders1982-1986
MINT-35-CRP-Z Jersey: 20p coin1982-1986
MINT-35-CRQ-Z Jersey: new coinage designs; £1 to 1p1982-1986
MINT-35-CRR-Z Jersey: 1983-84 commemorative coins 1982-1986
MINT-35-CRS-Z Jersey: Commonwealth Games1982-1986
MINT-35-CRT-Z Jersey: platinum bullion coins1982-1986
MINT-35-CRV-Z Jersey: 40th anniversary of Liberation, 19851982-1986
MINT-35-CRW-Z Jersey: 1986 commemorative coins1982-1986
MINT-35-CRX-Z Jersey: marketing; 25th anniversary of World Wildlife Fund1982-1986
MINT-36-CG2-Z Jersey: shipbuilding, Percy Douglas, September 1991 1987-1991
MINT-36-CG3-Z Jersey: shipbuilding in the 19th century £1 1987-1991
MINT-36-CG4-Z Jersey: collectors coin 1992 1987-1991
MINT-36-CGN-Z Jersey: policy 1987-1991
MINT-36-CGP-Z Jersey: coinage orders 1989-90 1987-1991
MINT-36-CGQ-Z Jersey: 1987 commemorative coins; Parish coins 1987-1991
MINT-36-CGR-Z Jersey: Parish coins 1987-1991
MINT-36-CGS-Z Jersey: royal visit 1987-1991
MINT-36-CGT-Z Jersey: Queen Mother 90th birthday 1987-1991
MINT-36-CGV-Z Jersey: Battle of Britain 1987-1991
MINT-36-CGW-Z Jersey: collectors coin 1991 1987-1991
MINT-36-CGX-Z Jersey: shipbuilding, Hebe, April 1992 1987-1991

Other Documents Relating to Jersey Coins

Order referring to a committee a representation by the States of Jersey concerning the value of English and French coins there 1727 January 16


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