Using the 1877 Farthing for Re-coinage of the 1881 Penny

In 1881 thirteen boxes containing £260 worth of the 1877 farthings were returned to the Royal Mint and recoined into these pieces under the Treasury authority of 23rd February, 1881.

The following documents are taken from the British Public Records Office Records MINT 12/4 (Correspondence concerning the recoinage of Jersey bronze farthings into Jersey bronze pence.)

The Initial Request of the January 3, 1881

Further Correspondence between February 3 through 9

Royal Mint Internal Communications

Title Page

Request for Re-Coinage of £280 (or 14 boxes) farthings

Coinage Cost Estimate

Request for Re-Coinage of £260 (or 13 boxes) farthings

Title Page

Revised Coinage Cost

Final Coinage Cost of the 1881 Issue

Payment of the 1881 Issue

Deliver of the 1881 Issue

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