Jersey Banknotes

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Old Banknotes

Jersey Mercantile Bank
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Jersey Bank 1843
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Jersey Bank 1814
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International Bank

Channel Islands' Bank

States of Jersey

St. Mary's Parochial Bank

Vingtaine of St. Helier

Bible Christian Church

Vingtaine du Mont au Pretre

1832 St. Saviour's Bank

1813 Jersey Bank One Pound

1813 Jersey Bank One Pound

1815 Jersey Bank One Pound

In 1817 W. Plees wrote in his book, 'Account of the Island of Jersey', a very good description of the currency situation in early 19th century Jersey. From this I quote:
"The coin current in Jersey was, until lately, chiefly that of France, with a small proportion of Spanish money. The usual amount of specie in circulation, has been estimated at nearly £80,000 sterling. After the French revolution, the coin of England came more generally into use, until the increased value of gold and silver completely drained the island of all specie but copper, and even that became scarce. There were, at this point, three regular banking houses in the town of St. Helier. These, and a few mercantile men, were accustomed to issue notes, payable to the bearer on demand, for twenty-four livres French currency, or one pound sterling. So great, however, and so increasing were the inconveniences occasioned by the almost total disappearance of silver, that those houses were obliged to issue notes of five and ten shillings: this induced individuals to do the same; all having 'Jersey Bank' on their notes; until there were about eighty of these soi disant bankers. The island was soon inundated with notes, from the value of one pound down to that of one shilling; many of them issued by the lowest description of traders and publicans. Alarming as this undoubtedly was, necessity gave to these notes a general and ready circulation.
Seriously aware of the ultimate consequences, likely to result from this unrestrained emission of paper money, the States resolved to have a silver coin struck: accordingly, a quantity of tokens was issued bearing the value of three shillings, and of eighteen pence English, ..."

States Occupation Notes

Six Pence

One Shilling

Two Shillings

Two Shillings

Ten Shillings

One Pound

German Occupation Notes

One Mark

Two Marks

Five Marks

Twenty Marks

Fifty Marks

Jersey (GB) 1948 BLUE CROSS One Pound Note

Pre-decimal Notes
Ten Shillings One pound Five pounds Ten pounds

Modern Banknotes
One PoundFive PoundsTen PoundsTwenty PoundsFifty Pounds

One Pound Commemoratives

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