Vingtaine of St. Helier

By 1572 La Vingtaine de la Ville de St. Helier in Jersey in the Channel Islands was one of 4 Vingtaines into which St. Helier was divided. In 1804 Le Mont de la Ville was bought from the Vingtaine by the British Government for £11,280 which established the fund now administered by the Procureurs of the Vingtaine. In 1806 General Don laid the Foundation Stone of Fort Regent, which was being built on the Town Hill as a defense against the threatened French invasion. In 1813 the Vingtaine was divided into two Cantons; Canton de Haut and Canton de Bas. The Vingtaine is administered by two Procureurs. This banknote was printed by the Vingtaine to raise money for projects within the Vingtaine.

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