Jersey 2004 £1 Commemorative Banknote

Islanders and visitors have a unique way of remembering the 800th anniversary of Jersey’s self-determination in the form of a new £1 banknote. The States Treasury issued a £1 commemorative banknote to mark the occasion. The new notes were issued from Monday 10th May, 2004.

The printing of the £1 banknote is divided into two main areas, each drawing on elements of the anniversary. The note features Mont Orgueil Castle as the main image and also includes the 1204-2004 logo, featured above the castle. The printing includes the crest of Jersey, featuring the three lions; a detail from the original charter of 1341 confirming the island’s privileges by Edward III; the silver-gilt mace, presented to the Bailiff as a perpetual reminder of his fidelity to King Charles II; the original seal that was granted to the Bailiwick of Jersey in 1279 by King Edward I and medieval figures capturing the revelry of the anniversary celebrations.

Further features of the new banknote include the use of gold ink for the denomination in the top right corner; the printing of the commemorative logo in red and gold and the inclusion of a three character numbering prefix ‘J8C’ to signify Jersey 800.

Nigel Quérée Chairman of the 1204-2004 celebrations said: ‘We are very grateful to the Finance & Economics Committee for supporting the celebrations through the issue of this commemorative £1 note. The note will act as a reminder of this special year and we are sure that many will be kept as a souvenir, by locals and visitors alike. We are issuing a special presentation pack, which will be available on our website, of the low numbered notes for collectors.’

Terry Le Sueur, president of the Finance & Economics Committee expressed his support for the year’s celebrations: ‘The new £1 banknote not only acts as a reminder of the importance of this year but is also a long-term symbol of the special relationship we have with the English Crown.’

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