Part 14: Under the Microscope

As you might have gathered by now, I am an amateur numismatist. A numismatist is a person who studies coins, i.e., a coin scholar. Some numismatists research mint or other records in order to learn more about the coins they study. Varieties, mint-made errors, progressive die wear, are also matters of interest. This section illustrates some of the many things one can find by taking a close look at their coins.

Several Different 1/13 Fraction Varieties

Striations on several 1/13th and 1/26th coins due to die clashing

Striations on a 1935 1/24 coin

1841 1/13th 1/26th 1/52nd (Varieties)

1844 1/13th 1/26th

1851 1/13th (Varieties) 1/26th (Varieties)

1858 1/13th (Varieties) 1/26th (Varieties)

1861 1/13th (Varieties) 1/26th (Varieties)

1866 1/13th 1/26th

1870 1/13th (Varieties) 1/26th

1871 1/13th

1877 1/12th 1/24th (Varieties) 1/48th (Varieties)

1881 1/12th (Varieties)

1888 1/12th (Varieties) 1/24th (Varieties)

1894 1/12th (Varieties) 1/24th (Varieties)

1909 1/12th 1/24th (Varieties)

1911 1/12th (Varieties) 1/24th

1913 1/12th

1923 1/12th 1/24th Type 1 1/24th Type 2

1931 1/12th (Varieties)

1933 1/12th (Varieties)

1935 1/12th (Varieties) 1/24th

1937 1/12th

1947 1/12th (Varieties) 1/24th

Varieties of the 1813 McCammon T6 token

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