January 4, 2024

Part 15: Striations

     Striations are the lines on the obverse die resulting when a reverse die strikes the obverse die without a planchet between them.  This phenomenon can be seen on most 19th century Jersey coins.  On some coins, not only are the lines of the shield are visible, but also the outline of the shield itself!  The following is a list of the coins which are known to have striations.

1/13th 1/26th 1/52nd 1/12th 1/24th
1851 1841 1841 1877H 1877H
1858 1844 1861 1888 1888
1861 1851
1866 1858
1870 1861
1871 1866

Striations on an 1858 1/13th of a shilling

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