Part 25: Other Tokens and Items of Interest

These items fall somewhere between medals and tokens. There is something for everyone in this field of paranumismatics.

An Encased British Farthing

Freemason Penny

A very rare masonic penny from the Caesarean Lodge of Mark Master Masons( No 74 ).
This lodge in the Channel Island of Jersey no longer has these type of Jersey pennies,
but has the normal UK issue penny tokens for Mark Master Masons payment of wages.
This coin is circa 1960's or earlier.

Mark Master Masons

Another very rare masonic penny from the Channel Islands Provincial Lodge of Mark Master Masons.

E.A.Vicars Proprietor Pub Token

Obverse: "The Queen's Crown".With the center section saying; "E.A.Vicars Proprietor".
Reverse: "1 1/2 (center), Caesarean Billiard Bagatelle Table".

Jersey Arms Pub Token

The Jersey Arms was a pub in Upper Bank, Swansea. Enoch Howell was proprietor there in 1871.

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