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Part 19: Coronation Medals

Various Commemorative Medals

Coronation medals are medals issued to commemorate the coronation of a British King or Queen. Jersey's first coronation medal was issued in 1902 for King Edward VII. The most recent example being the Coronation Medal issued in 1953 to commemorate the coronation of the present British sovereign: Queen Elizabeth II.

1902 Edward VII Coronation
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The coronation of Edward VII and his wife Alexandra as king and queen of the United Kingdom
took place at Westminster Abbey on 9 August 1902. Originally scheduled for 26 June of that year
as per this medal, the ceremony had been postponed at very short notice, because the king had been
taken ill with an abdominal abscess that required immediate surgery.

1902 Edward VII Coronation (In Copper)
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This medal was minted in copper instead of white metal and is considered scarce.

From the Jersey Evening Post of Thursday 08 May 1902
Previous to the termination of the business, the Constable announced that at the last meeting of the General Committee he had stated that a gentleman had made an offer to the parish of 5,000 a commemorative medals to be given to the school children. The gentleman in question was Mr. C. T. Maine, of the London Jewellers and Silversmiths company, King-street, who had added to his previous generous offer by deciding to present to the Parish the whole of the medals required, viz., 7000. (Loud and prolonged applause.)

From the Jersey Independent and Daily Telegraph of Saturday 07 June 1902

The London Jewellers and Silversmiths' Co. have now on view a copy in silver of the Jersey medal to commemorate the Coronation of King Edward VII, and requests that all desirous of seeing the same will call in for the purpose. We may say that the medal, which is a facsimile of those to be presented to the school children on Coronation Day, is one of the finest productions we have seen. On the reverse side it bears the Jersey coat of arms resting ,on the Rose, Shamrock, and Thistle ; above this is the, Royal Monogram; and this is surmounted by a Crown; and the whole is encircled by the inscription "To commemorate the coronation of Edward VII, Jersey" The obverse bears a very fine profile of our King wearing the crown, with the inscription "Edward VII. King and Emperor." The whole of the work is done in very fine high relief, and is in remarkable contrast to the usual flatness observable in such productions. Each medal, 7,000 of which have presented for the purpose by Mr. Maine, on being presented to the children will be enclosed in a neat box the coronation colour. These medals are on sale in bronze, silver and gold, but only limited number will be struck orders should not be delayed. The firm are also exhibiting novelties in jewellery made upon copies from old Egyptian designs in which are introduced Persian turquoise, together with pearls, diamonds and opal. In oxydised silver ware a new line consists of some very fine copies of the earlier productions of plate, comprising some very handsome flagens, bowls, fruit dishes, &c. Another specialty consists of Coronation spoons, brooches, and severable ornaments in both gold and silver. Owing to the very low price to which silver has fallen exceptional value is now obtainable in silver ware. In the repairing department the firms, in order to avoid sending work away, have recently engaged an additional staff which will enables the undertaking of complicated work on the premises. The shop has recently been refitted with new cases to facilitate the display of new plate.

From the Jersey Evening Post of Monday 11 August 1902
Tables piled high with boxes containing the commemorative medals were placed at each of the exits from the terrace; four of the ladies above mentioned took their stand at each of the tables, and as the little ones filed past. two on either side of the table, they were handed their medals by the ladies. the whole ceremony occupying but little longer than the actual moving off would have taken. The obverse of the medal, which is of hard white metal, bears the portrait of His Majesty wearing the Tudor Crown: around which are the words: "Edward VII., King and Emperor." The reverse, which has been specially struck according to the design of the local Committee has the words: "To commemorate the Coronation of Edward VII.," encircling it, with the Jersey coat of arms, surmounted by the Royal monogram and crown. The word Jersey is placed on a scroll at the base of the shield, while on either side the rose, thistle and shamrock are entwined together with scrolls bearing the original date of the Coronation. As each individual school received their medals they at once left the park and proceeded to their respective schools, where light refreshments had been provided for them.

1911 George V Coronation
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The coronation of George V and his wife Mary
took place at Westminster Abbey on 22 June 1911. This was the last coronation ceremony
attended by royal representatives of the great continental European empires.

1921 George V Royal Visit
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Here is a scarce 1921 medal to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary
to Jersey in July 1921 aboard the Royal Yacht "Victoria and Albert".
The purpose of the trip was to visit Elizabeth College
and the Royal Agricultural
Show at Guernsey. At Guernsey, the Royal yacht was met by a flotilla of French Warships
in St. Aubins Bay. They were received on shore by the Lieutenant Governor and the Bailiff
and were driven to the town square.

The medals were ordered by the States of Jersey from a local jeweler
who had them struck at the Birmingham mint.

1935 George V 25th Year of Reign
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The obverse features the conjoined effigies of King George V and Queen Mary,
crowned and robed, facing left. The reverse displays the Royal Cypher,
surmounted by an Imperial Crown. Below is the Shield of Jersey.

1937 George VI Coronation
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1953 Elizabeth II Coronation
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