Part 31: Denticle Counts of Various Jersey Coins

One of the things a numismatist will look for are small changes in a coin's design. One method is to compare the denticle count on similar coins. By doing this, we see that there are two different obverse dies for the 1933 Jersey penny. These two dies are better known as the English and Indian dies.

Jersey 1877 1/12 Shilling

139 denticles

Jersey 1909 1/12 Shilling

164 denticles

Jersey 1911 1/12 Shilling

177 denticles

Jersey 1933 1/12 Shilling

177 and 178 denticles
See the site Penny obverse master die types for an article about the
English (London-177) obverse and the Indian (Calcutta-178) obverse dies.

Jersey 1935 1/12 Shilling

177 denticles

Jersey 1937 1/12 Shilling

178 denticles

Jersey 1945 George VI 1/12 Shilling

177 denticles

Jersey 1945 Elizabeth II 1/12 Shilling

174 denticles

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