Part 26: Those Cool Cats

When it comes to Jersey coins, you won't find a dog in the bunch. Through the ages, Jersey had various styles of lions depicted and proudly displayed on their coins. Take a look at some of my favorite felines:

A nice little kitten from the 1813 18 pence token

A nice cat from the 1813 3 shilling token

A bad kitten from the 1841 1/52

A mean cat from the 1861 1/26

An angry cat from the 1851 1/13

A whiskery cat from the 1866 1/26

A meowing cat from the 1870 1/13

A devil cat from the 1871 1/13

A regal cat from the 1923 1/12

A happy cat from the 1966 1/12

A tiny cat from the 1981 Pound

A scared cat from the 1989 Two Pounds

A ringed cat from the 1992 Pound

A Halloween cat on the 1993 Two Pounds

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