Issue of Bronze Money
At the States of the Island of Jersey
The Eight day of December 1864

The States considering that it would be useful to increase the quality of copper money now in circulation in this Island, which experience has shown to be insufficient to much of the wants of the retail trade, have decided, subject to the Saction of Her Most Excellent Majesty in Council, to issue copper money to an amount not exceeding two thousand pounds Sterling, two thirds of the said amount to be in coins representing the thirteenth part of a shilling, money of Great Britain, and the remainder in coins representing the twenty-sixth part of a shilling, and of the same metal as the copper money lately coined in England, the whole in conformity to the Acts of States of the 13th July, 1840, of the 13th December 1850, and of the 15th October 1857, which have been sanctioned by Her Most Excellent Majesty in Council.

Signed Gerouis le Gnos, Clerk.


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