JERSEY R & O 5496

Decimal Currency (Jersey) Law, 1971




THE FINANCE AND ECONOMICS COMMITTEE, in pursuance of Article 7(2)(b) of the Decimal Currency (Jersey) Law, 1971,1 hereby orders as follows –

1.             In the Schedule to the Decimal Currency (Conversion) (Jersey) Order, 1971 –2

(a)     in the item relating to the “Loi (1940) autorisant la perception d’un impôt sur certaines huiles et essences”, for the expression “£0.0700” there shall be substituted the expression “£0.0667” ;

(b)     in the item relating to the Matrimonial Causes (Fees) (Jersey) Regulations, 1950, for the figures “7p”, “13p” and “37p” there shall be substituted the figures “10p”, “15p” and “40p” respectively ;

(c)     in the item relating to the Probate Fees (Jersey) Regulations, 1957, for the figure “13p” there shall be substituted the figure “15p”.

(d)     after the item relating to the Health Insurance (Medical Benefit) (Jersey) Regulations, 1967, there shall be inserted the following item –


In the Second Schedule to the Fire Service (General Provisions) (Jersey) Regulations, 1970,3 under the heading “Responding and Attendance Fees”, for the entry in the second column of sub-paragraph (b) opposite the item “Fireman” in the first column there shall be substituted the entry “61p plus 45p an hour after first hour.”

2.             This Order may be cited as the Decimal Currency (Conversion) (Amendment) (Jersey) Order, 1971, and shall be deemed to have come into force on the fifteenth day of February, 1971.

By Order of the Finance and Economics Committee,

Greffier of the States.
10th March, 1971.

1        Recueil des Lois, Tome 1970–19—, page 185.

2        No. 5478.

3        No. 5402.


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