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For the 1881 penny there are two die varieties consisting of a single obverse die paired with two reverse dies.  The difference is in the placement of the date.

1881 Penny
Obverse Reverse
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  • Obverse 1:
    • There is only die.  The top left ray of the star is broken.
    • This broken ray can also be seen on the 1877 Proof only Royal Mint issue and the 1888 issue.
  • Reverse A:
    • The date is a lower position with respect to the N.
  • Reverse B:
    • The date is a higher position with respect to the N.
For more close up images of this coin,
see under the microscope page.

Obverse Dies:  The Star
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Broken Ray

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Reverse Dies:  The Date
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Low Date
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High Date
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