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Engraver to the Royal Mint - 1893 to 1903

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The Location of George William De Saulles's Initials on the Jersey 1909 Penny

George William De Saulles was a sculptor, designer and engraver. De Saulles served as assistant to Leonard Charles Wyon at the London Mint and in 1892 was appointed chief engraver serving until 1903. He designed and engraved a multitude of coins used by many countries. He signed with "DES", "DS", or "WS".

  • Designed Jersey obverse 1909 coins
  • Designed Great Britain obverse 1902-1910 coins and reverse for the shilling, florin, and half crown.
  • Designed Australia obverse 1910 3 and 6 pence, shilling, and florin
  • Designed British Guiana obverse 1903-1910 4 pence
  • Designed British India obverse 1902-1910 coins
  • Designed Canada all obverse coins 1902-1910
  • Designed Ceylon all obverse coins 1902-1910
  • Designed Cyprus obverse 1901-1908 coins
  • Designed East Africa reverse 1897-1899 pice, reverse 1912-1918 25 cents, reverse 1911-1919 50 cents 1906-1910 25 and 50 cents
  • Designed Hong Kong obverse 1902-1905 coins
  • Designed Jamaica obverse 1902-1910 coins
  • Designed Newfoundland obverse coins 1903-1910
  • Designed Strait Settlements obverse 1902-1910 coins

    The following is his obiturary from the "The Numismatic Chronicle"1:

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    1. Pinches, John H. “GEOEGE WILLIAM DE SAULLES, Chief Engraver to the Royal Mint.” The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Numismatic Society, vol. 3, Royal Numismatic Society, 1903, pp. 311–13,

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