647/23                                                                                    30th October, 1923




            With reference to Mr. Scourfield’s letter to you of the 20th ult. and your reply of the 10th instant, regarding the new issue of Jersey bronze coins, it has occurred to me that as you desire some distinction to be made as between the new issue and the last, it might be well to mark the occasion by introducing a totally new design.  The existing shield, which appears to date from 1866, is of itself of low artistic merit, and the proposed insertion of a star above it, as a distinctive mark, is really meaningless.

            I have therefore consulted the Committee appointed by His Majesty the King to assist me on matters of taste, and they have asked me to send you the two drawings, which are enclosed herewith, suggesting alternative methods of treatment for the reverses of the new coins.  The design to which the Committee would call your most favourable attention is that showing William the Conqueror, who, as the States of Jersey are well aware,


The Treasurer of the States,                                                                                          was

States Treasury,



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 was their Duke even before he was King of England.  The alternative design is a redrawing of the Coat of Arms.  The Tudor shield, when combined with the modern inscription is heraldically more correct than the ‘heater’ shield that has appeared on the issues since 1866.

            Should it be decided to adopt one or other of these designs, it is not proposed to make any additional charge other than the usual small charge for the preparation of the matrix and punches.

            I should add that it should be understood that the William the Conqueror drawing enclosed is only a rough one; if Jersey decides to adopt that ‘motif’ the actual treatment on the coin would be flatter and more conventional than would appear form this drawing.


I am, Sir,


Your obedient Servant,


Deputy Master & Comptroller.