Jersey 1926 One Twelfth of a Shilling

1926 One Twelfth of a Shilling

     Year    J#    KM#   Mintage  Diameter  
     1926    21     14    82,800   30.80          
If you review the Royal Mint documents concerning the 1923 and 1926 issues, you will determine the reason for the mintage of 82,800 coins for the 1926 penny. On October 31, 1922 the States authorize an issue of copper coins to not exceed £3000. Using recalled French coins, the Royal Mint produced £1255 in pence and £150 in halfpence. Three years later the States requested, "whether it would be possible to have minted £595 of Jersey Copper similar to that of 1923. This amount represents the balance of £3000 ...".

Using basic math, £1255+£150+£595 = £2000 and not £3000. It seems that the Finance Committee of the States of Jersey didn't do their math correctly. Just think of it, the 1926 Jersey penny is one of the 'key' coins because of a math error.

The order for the 1926 pence commenced from February 24, 1926 and was completed on March 10, 1926 at a cost to the Royal Mint of £82/4/6.