Penny Token - T10

    Year    T#  diameter   
    1813    10   34.00       

This is a rare mule token, which could have circulated in Jersey. Like most of the other Jersey copper tokens of this period, they were engraved by Thomas Halliday, a die engraver and token manufacturer of Newhall Street and Hagley Row, Birmingham, England. The Prince of Wales plumes seemed to be a favorite design of his, given the fact that he used it on several English tokens of this same period. The obverse depicts a female seated on a bale of merchandise holding an olive branch and a cornucopia. A ship is seen in the distance. Thomas Halliday also worked for the Messrs. Morgan & Company, Die Makers, Medallists and Token Manufacturers. Mr. Morgan advertised in the newspapers of the day and it is quite likely these copper tokens were ordered through and supplied by the Morgan firm, but were minted by the Thomas Halliday.
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