Several advertisements by Messrs. Morgan & Company,
Die Makers, Medallists and Token Manufacturers
(a supplier of Jersey Tokens)

Advertisement from the Star Newspaper, London, July 26th, 1811.
SILVER TOKENS AND SMALL CHANGE supplied to Regimental Paymasters, Manufacturers, Farmers, Shop and Innkeepers, Clerks of Public Works, and all other Persons who require Change for their Business, or to pay Workmen. Country residents may be accommodated, per COACH, with from Five Pounds worth to a large amount, weekly, by directing, with real Name, Occupation, and abode, to M & Co. care of Mr. Heaton, No. 27, Clement’s Lane, Strand, London, enclosing a remittance in Notes, or Good Bills. No letters admitted unless post paid.

Advertisement from the The Star, London, June 24th, 1813.
Local tokens of Gold and Silver, invented and first made for Public Convenience, in March, 1811, by Messrs. Morgan and Co., die Makers and Medallists, at their Licensed Token Manufactory, No. 12, Rathbone Place, Oxford Street, London,having been honoured with Legislative sanction and patronage, by three successive Acts of parliament, continue to make to any design, for Companies and Individuals, at a short notice, in that superior style of execution which has obtained for M & Co. during the last two years numerous and extensive orders for Bankers, Manufacturers and Shopkeepers, in almost every city and town throughout the United Kingdom. NB. Unpaid letters will not be admitted. Dies of numerous patterns ready engraved.

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