Royal Navy

        YEAR    KM       diameter
        2003    ??         38.6       
Commemorating over 1000 years of naval pride, tradition and excellence, Jersey issued this crown in 2003. As an island nation, the United Kingdom has relied upon its naval forces to protect her shores for over a thousand years. The origins of an organized Navy can be traced back to King Alfred the Great who assembled a fleet of longships to defeat Viking raiders as far back as 897. Over the coming centuries Britain's naval forces became an increasingly important fixture. In the sixteenth century, Sir Francis Drake became one of history's most famous sailors by circumnavigating the globe. Two hundred years later, the bold and brilliant Admiral Horatio Nelson foiled Napoleon's plans for European domination; he was eventually killed during his great victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Britain's naval supremacy remained unchallenged until the 20th century and the horrors of World War I. One of Britain's many heroes through this terrible time was Admiral Sir John Fisher. A lifelong Royal Navy man, Fisher ensured Britain entered the war with a superbly-trained, well-equipped Navy. His strategic acumen brought many victories until his surprise resignation in May 1915. After acquitting itself superbly in World War II, the Royal Navy was called upon once again when Argentinean forces seized the Falkland Islands in 1982. In a war dominated by naval actions, it was the former submariner Admiral Sir John 'Sand' Woodward who commanded the Falkland Island Task Groups and assured Britain of victory. Today the Royal navy continues to be one of the most committed, skilled and professional armed forces in the world.

Struck by the Royal Mint, the £5 crown has been produced in conjunction with the Royal Navy to commemorate British Naval excellence. The reverse design features five of the most famous British seafarers of all time: Alfred the Great, Sir Francis Drake, Horatio Nelson, Sir John Fisher and Sir John Woodward. The coin also features four famous ships: The Mary Rose, HMS Victory, HMS Warspite, HMS Ark Royal and the submarine, HMS Conqueror.

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