World Wildlife Fund
Mauritius Pink Pigeon

        YEAR    KM       diameter
        1987    70         38.
The Pink Pigeon (Nesoerias mayeri) is a native of the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. It is one of the rarest birds in the world with a population of only 15 in the wild. Without help from the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust (JWPT) it would soon have been totally extinct. The JWPT was established in 1963 by the eminent zoologist and author Gerald Durrell. It is devoted to the concept of captive breeding of endangered species as an aid to their survival in the wild. In 1984 Gerald Durrell released the first 11 of 150 captive bred Pink Pigeons into the Pamplemousse Botanical Gardens in Mauritius as the first step of a major re-introduction programme to save the species. The Pink Pigeon is named for its beautiful coloring. It has a light pink head, neck and underparts with a darker pink back and wings and a bright chestnut colored tail.
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