Fifty Pence

        YEAR    KM      mintage diameter
        2003                     27.30     
This stunning coin was issued in 2003 by Jersey to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Designed in conjunction with the Royal Mint engraving department, the coin features the famous Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of the Queen on the obverse. The reverse dramatically depicts the actual moment in 1953 when the Queen was crowned. The Queen, as tradition dictates, was the last to arrive at Westminster Abbey, venue for the Coronation, her procession having been roundly cheered by the vast crowds who lined to route from Buckingham Palace. In the abbey, the Queen removed her diamond diadem and crimson velvet robes trimmed with ermine and gold lace, until she stood in a simple linen overdress, ready for the central act of ceremony. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, anointed the Queen with holy oil made to a formula devised by Charles I, and proclaimed her dedication "as kings, priests and prophets were anointed". She was dressed in golden robes and seated on King Edward's chair, above the Stone of Scone, to be given the symbols of her authority: the orb, scepter, rod of mercy, and royal ring of sapphire and rubies. Finally, in absolute silence, the archbishop held St. Edward's crown high in the air, then lowered it slowly onto her head. The shout rang out, "God save the Queen!" Bells pealed and trumpeters blared ... Britain's new Queen was crowned.
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