One Pound - Hebe
       YEAR    KM      mintage diameter
       1992    86       .020    22.50
The third coin in the series depicts a two masted brig, the Hebe. The Hebe was built by Daniel Le Vesconte of First Tower and owned by the Le Boutilier Company. This brig, launched in January 1861, weighed 236 tons, measured 119 feet long with a beam of 24 feet and had a draft of 13 feet. She plied her trade on the North Sea and the North Atlantic. She was also used to ferry emigrant workers from Europe to Canada. She was wrecked in October 1887 on Bryon Island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. And by the way, Hebe was the daughter of Hera and Zeus and the sister of Ares and Eleithyia. She is the goddess of youthful beauty and the cupbearer of the Olympus, later to be replaced by Ganymedes. She married Herakles after he won immortality.
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