One Pound - The Tickler
        YEAR    KM      mintage diameter
        1991    84       .015    22.50
The first coin in the series depicts a schooner, the Tickler. This two masted schooner was built in Jersey in 1858 for the Le Boutilier Company. The Tickler with a weight of 93 tons, measured 93 feet long, had a beam of 19 feet and drew some 10 feet of water. She plied the trade routes of northern Europe and the Mediterranean, with occasional voyages to Newfoundland. After ten years in service The Tickler was mortgaged with the Jersey Joint Stock Bank and was subsequently sold to Charles Robin and Company. Some three years later Robin and Company, a principal ship owning company on the island took control of The Tickler but because of financial difficulties the schooner, along with other vessels, was sold to France in 1888. She was last mentioned in the Lloyd's List in 1864.

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