One Pound - St. Mary Parish
        YEAR    KM      mintage diameter
        1989    75       .025     22.50
The emblem of the Parish of St. Mary -- St. Marie d'Arsmoustier ("of the Burnt Monastery") is dated 1042 AD and is a silver lily on a blue background.

Although St. Mary is the second smallest parish and the least populated area in Jersey, it boasts much natural beauty. Superb views are enjoyed by walkers who take the cliff path from Sorel through Le Mourier Valley and on to Devils Hole, whilst those who look for alternative relaxation can enjoy the splendid beach at Greve de Lecq where the sands are truly golden and the sea of the deepest blue.

Also at Greve de Lecq are the Barracks which were built to house garrison troops when the French threatened to invade the Island at the beginning of the 19th century. These buildings, now restored, are the property of the National Trust for Jersey and are open to the public.

The Trust also has its headquarters at The Elms, St. Mary, a fine example of an 18th century dwelling house and subsidiary farm house.

In earlier times, when knitting was a local industry much of the land in the Parish was given over to sheep rearing. Those days have long gone and the accent today is on dairy and arable farming as well as the cultivation of vines.

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