One Pound - St. Ouen Parish

        YEAR    KM      mintage diameter
        1987    72       .010     22.50
The emblem which dates back to A.D. 1053 is a cross of gold on a blue background.

St. Ouen is the largest of the twelve parishes of Jersey and forms the north-west corner of the Island. It is divided into cueilettes, not vingtaines as in other parishes. This is an old custom and survives only in St. Ouen.

One of the many features of the parish is St. Ouen's Pond, by far the largest stretch of natural freshwater in Jersey. It is owned by the National Trust for Jersey and provides a very necessary nature reserve.

Continuing along the coast road, one arrives at Le Mielle de Morville, an area which has recently been subjected to landscape restoration. Amenities, not previously available, my be enjoyed today. Picnic, barbecue, and parking areas allow for participation in a wide variety of leisure activities.

As the vastness of St. Ouen's Bay edges towards L'Etacq, the expanse of the beach gives way to the rugged moorland terrain surrounding Grosnez where the remains of the Castle dating back to the 14th century, are to be found.

The cliff walk at Les Landes provides excellent views of this exciting coastline and serves as a vantage point for distant views of the other Channel Islands.

There is much to interest the archaeologist in St. Ouen. The Dolmen des Monts at Grosnez is a prime example of a Neolithic passage grave and at Le Pinnacle -- a rock of some 200 feet rising sheer out from the sea -- there are further remains of the Neolithic age.

Visitors too will find much to interest them in St. Ouen's. The expanse of quality beach, horse racing at Les Landes, a woodcraft center at L'Etacq and a Battle of Flowers Museum displaying the skills and talents of a lifelong exhibitor, Miss Florence Bechelet, are just examples of what can be seen and enjoyed.

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