One Pound - Grouville Parish

        YEAR    KM      mintage diameter
        1986    69       .010     22.50 

Eight alternate bands of silver and red form the Parish emblem and this variation has been captured in the detailed engraving of the coin. The emblem is actually known as St. Martin of Grouville and its origin dates back to Louis XI of France.

The Parish of Grouville is the southernmost of the two parishes that form the east side of the Island and it has many delightful features. It boasts a fine sandy beach in the Royal Bay of Grouville and at low tide, a very wide area of shore is exposed to show an expanse of rocks and reefs, all of which make navigation in this area very hazardous.

The prefix 'Royal' to the Bay of Grouville was added in 1859 by command of Queen Victoria following a visit to Jersey.

In the extreme western side of the Parish is La Hougie Bie, a prehistoric burial ground. It is steeped in local history and its Neolithic tomb is said by many to be one of the finest to be found in Europe. It is of considerable interest to residents and visitors alike.

Probably the best known feature is Grouville Common -- a vast area of sandy heath bordering the coast. Over the years it has been used for a variety of purposes. In the 18th century, when France was the enemy, the low lying common was heavily fortified and the several Martello Towers around the coastline are reminders of those far off days of anxiety and strife. In the 19th century horse races were held on the heath and these culminated in an annual carnival which was very widely supported. In time, that gave way to the pursuits of golf, and from early beginnings and with such players as Harry Vardon and Ted Ray (both British Open Champions), the links have become the headquarters of the Royal Jersey Golf Club.

Agriculture plays an important part in the community. A considerable number of farms are located in Grouville with the emphasis on mixed rather than specialized farming

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