One Pound - St. Clement Parish
        YEAR    KM      mintage diameter
        1985    62       .025     22.50
The emblem of the anchor comes from the legend that St. Clement, the fourth Pope, was tied to an anchor and thrown in to the Crimean Sea. He was henceforth regarded at the protector of sailors. The rocks off the Parish coast line are particularly dangerous.

1985 is the centenary of the death of Victor Hugo. This famous French author spent his first three years of exile in the Parish.

Neolithic graves were found at La Motee (or Green Island), which lies just off the Parish shore, and the nearby Rocqueberg (or Witches' Rock) was the venue for dark rites in bygone times.

Samares Manor is named after the salt marshes and has attractive grounds, incorporating an herb garden.

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