One Pound - St. Helier Parish

        YEAR    KM      mintage diameter
        1983    59       .100     22.50
The first of the Parish Emblem series was issued on 21 April 1983 for the parish of St. Helier.

St. Helier's feast day is July 16, and there is an annual procession from the center of St. Helier, down to the beach, along the causeway and out to the chapel which was built over the site where St. Helier lived, and which is known as the Hermitage. There is a little natural hollow in the rock inside the Hermitage known as St. Helier's Bed. A monastery was founded on the Islet, but this was finally destroyed on the 9th of November 1650 by a mortar bomb. The explosion which blew the old building to pieces was so devastating because the old Abbey church was being used as a gunpowder store by the Royalist Governor of Jersey during the English Civil War. English Parliamentary forces were besieging the Castle which had been built around the monastery at the end of the 15th Century. Elizabeth Castle is now a popular heritage site, and a cross marks the site of the ancient monastery.

Today, St. Helier is the seat of the Islands government and administration, and most of the States of Jersey buildings are centered around the Royal Square. These include the Royal Court which dates from 1866 and the States Chambers - Jersey's seat of government. Just off from the Royal Square is found the Town Church, which is the oldest building in town. There has been a place of worship on this site since the eleventh century.

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